Tuesday, January 8, 2008

state of emergency

so i said to myself that i was gonna start yoga back up on monday. well, it didn't happen. so wednesday will be the day leon returns to yoga! i'm supes excited because i haven't seen my yoga teacher in forever AND my downward dog is pretty rad.

i also said that i was gonna go raw starting monday, but again, i have no will power. i wanted to do it for 2 months, but seeing that i leave for sandy eggo in a week, i figured it was best to wait.

i leave you with a video

yoga with a j!

oh ps. i went to the co-op today and bought this delish granola. it's called the rainfoest forest mix! and i bought some hemp milk and blackberry soyogurt to go along! expensive though :( at least i'm supporting the local economy...right?

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