Friday, April 2, 2010

the o.d.

I slipped and fell so fast,
hard, like an aeroplane crash.
Weekend-warrior turned to
week-long, I would not last.

So take these broken veins
and bones, scrub 'til they
are bruised. Make-believe that
I drowned frail and stale, that
I did not misuse.

Just bury me in a bathtub
with a teacup of earl grey.
Run the water boiling hot
'til my pores begin to pry away.

The joints will appear,
marrow, will porcelainize.
I'll lend thee my cup of tea
Sip, squall out your last goodbyes.

And when that claw-foot friend
and I, finally conjoin, you may
bask and bathe 'til the end of day,
I will swathe you warm.

I will keep you
so sparkling,
I will keep you
so clean.


Madison said...


AdPlusCommunications said...

Love it so far, keep it up!

Black said...

nice blog followed

Anonymous said...

hmm what was your intention writing this?....
answer on my blog pls

sod_roger001 said...

the daily

Anonymous said...

I thought that was pretty cool, maybe I didn't get the message though...

Anonymous said...

Great job, keep up the good work!
Here, showing support! Pass it on!